axind PLM+

Plan, develop, source and ship your collections on-time…

Your customers are demanding innovation, enhanced quality, and more variety in design. Product development and release time are shortening. Ever more aggressive competitors pull your customers in all directions.

While these challenges are growing, the operational complexity of your business is increasing exponentially. You diligently use email, pdf, spreadsheets and legacy tools to manage your product lifecycles. Yet deadlines are missed, there is no transparency of information, and often communications break down.

axind PLM+ is designed for companies who want to spend more time designing fast selling products, and less time in managing people and processes.

Why Axind PLM+?

  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Cutback on manual processes and hence re-work
  • Curtail those hidden costs and Improve your balance sheet
  • Consolidate product information in a single location for better decision making
  • Link all stakeholders in the ideation-to-shopping-bag process, enabling seamless collaboration with internal departments, external suppliers, and buying offices worldwide
  • Whether you design collections in house, through agents, buy directly from suppliers, or adopt a mixed model depending on the type of merchandise, Axind PLM+ supports you in meeting your crucial business and design goals


  • “Visual” Planning
  • Budgeting and planning number of products, colourways and units
  • Continuous comparison of planned vs. actual development


  • Sample orders
  • Sample development to manage specs and status of multiple samples
  • Analysis of conversion and sampling costs


  • Web “Time & Action” (T&A)
  • Vendors, customers, freight forwarders etc. can participate in the workflows
  • User reminders
  • Mobile app to allow updates on-the-go


  • Create and share Style catalogues, specifications
  • Record approvals and tests
  • Create detailed Bill-Of-Materials (BOM) based on extensive Material Catalogues
  • Create costing sheets in multiple currencies
  • Create comprehensive Techpacks
  • Online collaboration with your Vendors and Customers


  • Manage orders and shipments
  • Manage Sampling and Production Orders
  • Manage Vendor information and compliances
  • Request-for-quote (RFQ)
  • Track Shipments, allow Vendors to directly enter shipping information


  • Manage customer information
  • Manage Sample Requests

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