Vendor management & score-carding

Supplier Collaborator is a platform for the secure exchange of data with retailers, suppliers and third parties. It offers a range of functions, including:

  • Search and report on the database of your agents, suppliers, factories and subcontractors
  • Supplier score-carding
  • Performance assessments
  • Technical and ethical compliance audits
  • Easy maintenance of capabilities and capacity at factories
  • Adoption of new suppliers
  • Workflows to automate repetitive tasks

An open API to allow interfaces with your other business systems and websites Highly configurable screens, forms and fields make sure that the software is matched to your methods of working.

Supplier Collaborator removes a lot of the effort, cost and time involved in managing ethical and technical compliance. Plan, monitor and deliver audits at your vendors and then include the results in their ongoing scorecards. It works with or even instead of third party services. A corrective action plan can be created and managed to resolution.

Reporting is powerful, comprehensive and widely available to selected people within your company.

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