AXIND is focused on providing domain specific solutions to the Fashion and Lifestyle industries.

We are committed to delivering to our customers and partners solutions that strategically integrate technology with their businesses to give them a competitive advantage in terms of operational excellence, customer intimacy and product leadership. While we are focused on internet technologies, our breadth and depth of knowledge of client/server and legacy systems enables us to help clients leverage existing mission critical systems, saving both cost and time.

We pride ourselves on being domain specialists and count over 125 man-years of experience in our team. Our team compromises of people who have managed business and designed systems in the US, European and Indian industry.


We address the complete industry vertical i.e. we have solutions for Importers, Exporters, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Brands, Retailers, Agents and Designers. The width and depth of our software solutions make it possible for a company to grow into the software. Also, in the age of hybrid businesses, our software can extend to cover areas of a company’s business.

We work with Sales and Implementation partners in different parts of the world. ChainReaction software can be localized in terms of language, currency, taxation laws, financial integration etc. for use in any country. Please contact us at if you wish to partner with us.