Virtual reality for visual merchandising

Mockshop is a virtual 3D shop modelling tool designed specifically for the fashion industry. It provides the ability to build stores of any size and shape and produces crystal clear shop floor layout planograms that are easy to read and execute.

The store modelling and planogram production process are highly automated with Mockshop. This automation saves so much time that Visual Retailing clients produce planograms, for every grade of store, much more frequently than taking pictures of physical mock shops and adding product information or creating mockups with PhotoShop. Clients such as O’Neill report a 2,000% productivity improvement as a result of implementing Mockshop.

The quality and clarity of the visual shop floor merchandising planograms are exceptionally easy for the shop floor staff to read and execute. This has been proven to reduce the average time it takes to merchandise a store by 50% and, perhaps more importantly, the shop floor execution is much more accurate.

Mockshop’s simple 4 step process automates planogram production.

Producing planograms with manual tools is a time consuming business, time that most visual merchandising teams simply don’t have available. Mockshop remedies this situation by eliminating the time consuming repetitive tasks leaving the VM team free to focus upon creating merchandise layouts that sell.

The 4 step process illustrated below produces crystal clear visual planograms that everyone can read and execute on the shop floor. Product data an images are imported and automatically converted in to hanging and folded merchandise that is simply dropped on fixtures in the virtual store. It’s a totally interactive process where you immediately see the results in the 3D shop. Once the store is merchandised simply click “refresh” and then hit the print button.


Automatic creation of 3D merchandise

Mockshop has a very powerful import tool for uploading product data from spreadsheets anddatabases. Product images, either sketches or photos, are automatically processed in to properly scaled 3D hanging and folded garments ready for merchandising in the virtual store.


Merchandise the fixtures

Merchandising is simply a case of dargging and dropping the 3D garments on to the fixtures.They automatically hang if they are positioned on a rail, or fold when placed on a shelf or table.Each fixture has its own 2D planogram where each garment image is automatically labelled with data pulled directly out of the database.


Open the planogram document and click the refresh button

The planogram document includes 3D views of the store together with each fixture planogram.These documents are created as templates during the setup process and are dynamically linked to the virtual store. Once the fixtures have been merchandised, simply press the “Refresh all” button, and the planogram document is completely updated


Print the planogram document

With the planogram document updated,simply hit the print button or save the file in Adobe Acrobat format for distribution via email or publishing on the web.Storyboard’s garment images and data labels are fed directly from the database which update automatically.

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