On-mannequin to on-model images through Cloud Studio technology:

  • Use your own models. Click them in multiple positions once
  • Use the model images with any mannequin pictures, any number of times
  • Get multiple outputs in one-go (e.g. for mobile, web and high-quality)
  • Automatically size garments to different model sizes (e.g. petite, regular, plus)

Cloud Studio reduces your go-to-market time significantly. Other benefits:

  • Save up to 70% on your photography / imaging costs
  • Reduce dependency on model availability
  • No re-touching of images required
  • Convert on-mannequin images to on-model images in near real-time
  • Don’t wait to collect 60-70 products for a shoot, work with even a single image
  • Now you can afford models for ALL your products
  • Standardize image quality and consistency

We take care of all this so that you can focus on what’s most important for you.  Sales

How it works


Create multiple model images from a single mannequin shot


Create multiple poses from a single mannequin shots


Same dress different body size. No problem


Create 3 dimensional model images from mannequin shots


How does it work?

  • Use standard models or use your own models
  • Simply upload photographs and your selection of models, model poses and other specifications. The photographs can be on mannequins or on models
  • We will return to you the photographs as per your instructions, typically within hours
  • This works 24x7x365, anytime!


  • Go-to-market time will be superfast
  • End model dependency
  • Don’t wait for 50 -60 garments to be ready before the shoot
  • Reduce up to 70% on your imaging expense
  • Shoot on mannequin > Cloud Studio > Sell. Sell. Sell.
    Super quick

Client : American departmental store chain with 260 stores

An American discount men and women’s department store chain with huge online presence. Public company with last year revenue of more US$ 1B.

Client: Largest online sports apparel retailer in US

A multi-channel company, operates more than 300 online and offline stores, including the e-commerce business for major professional sports leagues, major media brands and more than 200 collegiate and professional team properties around the world.


How does it work?
  • It’s very simple. You send us your “apparel on mannequin” images
  • The information is processed in Cloud Studio and the images with garments on the models are returned within 30 minutes.
  • The above can be done through a program running on a web portal or via Dropbox folders.
Can I use my own models?
  • Yes of course!
  • We will help you photograph your models correctly. This information will be added to the program and will be for your exclusive use.
How much time does it take?
  • The turnaround time can be as quick as 15 minutes and should not exceed one hour.
How much does it cost?
  • The cost will depend on the minimum commitment of images per month.
  • On average, our customers end up saving 40-70% of their photography & image processing costs
Is the cost per image?
  • Yes, the cost is per image.
Can I use a flat image?
  • No, we require the image to be on a mannequin (or a model) so that the garment shape is correct.
What kind of images can I send? Any restrictions on the image formats?
  • We accept only .jpg, .jpeg or .png, .tiff images.
  • Images are returned in any format.
  • Special arrangements can be made on customer request.
Is it limited to clothing?
  • We can do accessories as well
Is the background of the results always white?
  • A white background is our default setting.
  • Special arrangements can be made on customer request.
What are the restrictions on the type of images that I can send?
  • Images should be on a mannequin.
  • Images should be of high quality; better the quality, better the result.

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