Omni-channel Sales with a single catalogue and a single inventory…

Fashion retail today is a challenging environment. There is competition from established retail chains and pressure to increase margins along with a need for differentiation through targeted promotions. Huge efforts go into reducing out-of-stock and optimizing Inventory-to-Sales ratio.

While these challenges are growing, customer service remains a priority. Customers need to be served on time, with quality, every time.

Chain Reaction® OMNI is designed for companies who want to focus on the business of delighting their customers, not on deploying and maintaining software tools.



  • Omni-channel: Ecommerce, Wholesale and Retail/POS
  • Single catalogue management across all channels
  • Single inventory management across all channels
  • Control every Point-of- Sale (POS) setting from the head-office
  • Create flexible, targeted Sales Promotions
  • Create custom Customer Loyalty programs
  • Monitor sales up-to-the-minute across all channels
  • Integrate with your Ecommerce sites (B2B and B2C)


  • Improve inventory to sales ratio
  • Reduce customer churn through real time sales monitor
  • Increase Sales and Gross margin through up-to-date stock information
  • Delight your customers – all Customer information and purchase history available at POS
  • Create powerful Sales Promotions – even for a few hours within a single day
  • Manage your Ecommerce, wholesale and retail (shop) sales from a single catalogue and stock system
  • Whether you have one store or many, sell through your own Ecommerce site or through the large Ecommerce marketplaces, Chain Reaction OMNI seamlessly integrates all your business processes giving you control over your business, and freeing up resources to focus on what matters most: increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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