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Automated Model Photography

With Cloud Studio technology, you can now convert your mannequin images to multiple model images.

You are no longer dependant upon your models availability or your photography teams readiness. You can have your images in many different positions on your choice of models at any time.

You can change models, change backgrounds, mix and match garments & accessories- all without doing the actual photography.

Save huge costs and time…

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ChainReaction PLM+

Your customers are demanding innovation, enhanced quality, and more variety in design. Product development and release time are shortening. Ever more aggressive competitors pull your customers in all directions.

While these challenges are growing, the operational complexity of your business increases exponentially. You diligently use email, pdf, spreadsheets and legacy tools to manage your product lifecycles. Yet deadlines are missed, there is no transparency of information, and often communications break down.

ChainReaction® PLM+ is designed for companies who want to spend more time designing fast selling products, and less time in managing people, and processes.

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ChainReaction OMNI

Fashion retail today is a challenging environment. There is competition from established retail chains and pressure to increase margins along with a need for differentiation through targeted promotions. Huge efforts go into reducing out-of-stock and optimizing Inventory-to-Sales ratio.

While these challenges are growing, customer service remains a priority. Customers need to be served on time, with quality, every time.

Chain Reaction OMNI is designed for companies who want to focus on the business of delighting their customers, not on deploying and maintaining software tools.

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Mockshop is a virtual 3D shop modelling tool designed specifically for the fashion industry. It provides the ability to build stores of any size and shape and produces crystal clear shop floor layout planograms that are easy to read and execute.

The store modelling and planogram production process are highly automated with Mockshop. This automation saves so much time that Visual Retailing clients produce planograms, for every grade of store, much more frequently than taking pictures of physical mock shops and adding product information or creating mockups with PhotoShop. Clients such as O’Neill report a 2,000% productivity improvement as a result of implementing Mockshop.

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Being the CEO of a start-up is difficult enough without having to learn the technical nuances of IT systems in the business ecosystem. Axind has helped our company migrate to a well-defined process oriented PLM tool…more
Rajiv Mehta / CEO, Arvind Sports Lifestyle & Arvind Fashion Brands
Cool Cat is a Fashion retailer with 130 shops in 4 countries. We have users in our offices in Holland and our buying offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dacca. Our challenge was to coordinate the working of users in all the offices worldwide to ensure that our goods are delivered on time to our warehouses…more
Marco Polman / CTO, Cool Cat Fashion B.V.


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